Enrem Polaniec, Limited Liability Company, has acquired wide ranging experience in organisation and execution of work in the fields of boiler making, pipe fitting, welding and mechanic in the following fields of activity:

  • overhauling, modernisation and assembling of steam and water turbines and associated equipment;
  • overhauling of heat exchangers and attemperators;
  • overhauling, modernisation and assembling of steam and water boilers and associated equipment;
  • inspecting, diagnosing and overhauling of steam and water boiler drums of different types;
  • fabrication of exchange elements of pressure part of boilers, fabrication of auxiliary equipment of boilers;
  • fabrication of steel constructions up to 20 tonnes (suspensions, supports, pressure vessels, chimneys, elements of ventilation installations, elements of boiler furnaces .);
  • materials testing (destructives and non-destructives);
  • diagnosing of rotating machines (turbine sets, ventilators, mills, pumps, compressors.);
  • overhauling of supply pumps, heat pumps, steam circulating pumps;
  • overhauling electric motors up to 2 MW;
  • new work: assembling of equipment of heat generation plants, heating installations, pipelines in energy plants, chemical, petrochemical, paper, cement industries; erection of new steel constructions;
  • assembling of new heat generation plans fitted with gas / mazout;
  • executing the following services work in energy production plants, heating generation plants, in chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, paper, cement:

    Ø pipe fitting in energy production plants, pipe fitting in chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, paper, cement;

    Ø welding:

  • welding processes (TIG, coated electrode, automatic and semiautomatic core welding wire, semiautomatic and automatic MIG and MAG arc welding), application of welding technology accordingly to the norm EN 288,
  • materials: carbon steels, alloyed steels, stainless steels,
  • international qualifications of welders: the norm EN 287,
  • supervising of welding process accordingly to the norm EN 719,
  • qualification of non-destructive welds tests personnel: the norm EN 473.

    Ø boiler making,

    Ø rotating machines mechanic (turbines, pumps, mills.),

    Ø work on heat exchangers (disassembling, assembling, water tests).

Enrem is fully preoccupied by the Quality. To guarantee to customers that conditions of the Quality will be respected during all work process, the Company has obtained the quality certification ISO 9001 (2000 version).

Enrem is highly preoccupied by the Security. Enrem.s personnel has obtained French security certificates for work at refineries and petrochemical plants.

Enrem - Polaniec has the know-how to undertake shutdown work and maintenance of industrial plants. Flexibility, availability, competency, qualifications and multidiscipline of the Enrem.s team workers have been recognised by all of Enrem.s customers, domestic and foreign, and allow to assure the security, quality and adherence to the schedule in the most difficult of circumstances.